Monday, April 2, 2012

The Promise

2010, Sri Lankan bride, Dondi Narciso 

As the soft rain caresses your body
and blossoms of peach sprinkle the footpaths,
I will dance with you.

As the warm sun kisses your face
while hydrangeas of blue line the promenade,
I will walk with you.

As the cool breeze strokes your hair
along cascading amaranths that adorn the fields,
I will sit with you.

As the cold wind touches your skin
amidst flame leaf flowers that blanket the earth,
I will lie with you.


  1. I love how you created this repetitive form to rewrite a bride's wedding vows as a poem! It is lovely and lyrical (song-like). What I like most about the poem is the surprising turn at the final stanza, where the images of the "cold wind" and "flame leaf flowers" have a slight connotation of danger, unlike the beautiful images of the earlier stanzas. The final act of the speaker is to "lie with you" which connotes complete trust and surrender, thus declaring her loyalty, even to the point of death (as the verb "to lie" implies)--the promise of one's entire life given over to the other. Beautiful and powerful in a subtle way. Love it!

  2. Thank you! I was imagining myself getting married again and reciting these vows:) probably on
    Our 25th but I have to change the amaranths to bouganvilla, peach blossoms to sampaguira and hydrangeas to santan! Good I can still preserve the ending:)

  3. How about kalachuchi? hahaha. But you should definitely use this for your 25th! Definitely print it on your souvenir program with a photo by Dondi! When are you celebrating your 25th? Our 20th is next year na.