Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I went to Baguio last Summer with my highschool bestfriends.
We had a great time but I really missed my family.
I think I can only do this again if I can convince my boys to be with me.

We went to Chocolate Baticol obviously famous for their hot tso-ko-la-te
and I chanced upon this framed poem.
A great "pick-me-upper" on those days when you're really feeling blue.


It was a HOT, HOT DAY:  36 deg C but with the humidity, 
it felt like it was in the 40's.

Miko and I went to COLD LAYERS for SNOW ICE CREAM - layers of shaved ice cream with all sorts of toppings.

Miko's FIRST CRUSH: rainbow sprinkles, rice puffs, bananas on shaved strawberry ice cream
( MY kids hate being photographed, May 18, 2011)

It was HEALTHY SOY for me: a guiltless pleasure!

Since Miko started college two years ago, we get to spend less and less time together. This is one of the rare occasions we went out for ice cream on an ordinary day. 
 He talked about his plans of shifting to MMA(multimedia arts) in CSB and
 his T-shirt designs which hopefully, he can market soon.
It was another priceless moment for me.


Our BONDING MOMENTS are usually centered on food but it is great because we get to talk about my kids' friends, activities and plans. If I'm lucky, I get to know about their secret crushes.

Joshua waiting for his DOUBLE Burger at ARMY NAVY (MAY 17, 2011)

Free iced tea comes with every order of SOFT TACOS on Taco Tuesday.
OOPS, at least I remembered to take a picture after taking a bite!

Joshua was just too fast for my camera, before I could snap, 
he was half-way through his double burger.


Joshua and me:  dinner by the shores of Boracay. 
Thank you Ninang Cynthia (April 5, 2011)!
Lobster Bisque
Succulent Oysters
Melt-in-your mouth Gindara
Angus Steak ( no need for adjectives)

Usually these types of dinners are meant for couples but it is as sweet to have it with one of your many  loves - be it your child, sister, mother, father, or grandfather! 

Every moment was priceless because who gets to have a candlelight dinner 
with your teenaged son by the beach?! 


The view from the backseat: Gab driving us to the clinic (May 16, 2011)

Ever since my boys learned to drive, I have become a backseat driver 
(literally and figuratively). I panic too much and when that happens, I talk too much too, but it has lessened over time.

It was a weird feeling when they finally got their driver's license. I was both happy and sad at the same time. Happy because they can take their own trips to the barber shop, drive to their games , save on driver's salary and gas by as much as 20K a month or even get them to do some little errands.
But, I am also sad because this is another reminder that soon, 
my boys will be full-grown men. 

Joshua is still 6 months away from getting his non-PRO so I get to bring him to his activities even if he is the one driving so I still have a few more months until I get into the "I-feel-useless" mode.