Saturday, April 7, 2012

Homage to the Creator

Brahma Kamal, the flower of the Hindu God, Brahma.
It  blooms once a year but some legends say once in every 14.
The fragrant flower appears only at night and
remains for four hours before it dies.
It is an auspicious sign if one witnesses it bloom.

The flower of the Hindu god awakens
as the golden sphere quietly rests.
A purple crown of reverence,
at the foothills it is proudly laid.

If a flower honors creation by its presence
what immeasurable glory does man bring;
From the earth he did not take root
but was carved in the Maker's own hands.

Man's existence is Divine's expression;
sealed with His precious breath of life.
To be love is to live man's true essence;
the greatest homage given to the Creator.

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