Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Resolutions

2009 Tagaytay, Dondi Narciso

The first part of the year is over - the scale hasn't budged, my bank book's last entry was 14 January 2012, books to read at my beside are piling up, useless things need to be discarded, the thank you note for Sal and Julie I needed to mail last January for those candied pecans still sits in my drawer, the new bank account for the kids has not been opened,  so many things left unchecked: enroll in writing classes, take Spanish lessons, learn Japanese cooking, file US visa applications, apply new medical insurance, talk to new brokers for house listing. The only check mark is a clean bill of reproductive health from my ob-gyne as I passed my pap and hpv-gene test will flying colors. But I forgot, I haven't gotten the mammo.

I always felt that January is the only month that gives permission to have a fresh start for the new year always carries renewed hope. But then it is April, the greatest feast in our Christian faith occurring on this very day, the 8th day of the month.  It is the highest expression of our faith, that Christ was dead and is alive again,  a lesson in believing that in dying of the self, one will rise again. So it is in this belief of rebirth that I set out with my new resolve to have a fresh start, to rebuild those lists and change them to guideposts for living for the only thing that gives life meaning are those lists filled with generosity and love.

2009 La Union, Dondi Narciso

These are my April resolutions:

1. To always honor a new day that is given by sitting quietly in gratefulness and in prayer, ahead of all the calls, emails and things that need to be done.

2. To bless the food that is laid before me and to give thanks for the hands that tilled the soil so I may have the earth's rich bounty. (the tribute I did with Dondi really moved me as I have seen the sacrifice of the people in the mill)

3. To remember that food is meant to nourish and not to punish my body by eating in excess.

4. To care for my body not merely by looking nice and neat but also by spending daily walks or a good workout in the gym and having regular check-ups as well.

5. To see my work as a gift to serve struggling students who have come for desperate help.

6. To give my best in all I do as a sign of gratefulness for a life that is blessed with a husband who will give me the world if he can only put it in his pocket, uniquely wonderful kids, strong family ties, supportive and loving friends, and a job that is flexible in hours and rewards our family generously.

7. To love more deeply, beyond words and appearances.

8. To smile as often as I can even when the day is not as cheery as I wish it would be.

9. To spend a few minutes a day to talk to my kids with no judgements and advice giving.

10. To be more forgiving of myself and know that I am not wonder mom.

11. To laugh more with my husband and have quiet conversations as well.

12. To never tire of dreaming the wildest dreams and aiming to turn them into reality, ridiculous they may seem.

13. To carefully choose great company whether it be of excellent books or loving friends.

14. To always honor a day that  has ended by sitting quietly in gratefulness and in prayer, after all the calls, emails and things that I have accomplished.

15. To remind myself that when things get really tough, tomorrow is always a new day for a good start.

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